Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Inviting authors and contributors to grow this blog

I realize it is not easy to reveal the secrets of magic by working alone. Furthermore, things would get rolling faster if there is more than one author.

So, I am calling for a small group of author-wannabes and contributors to write to me and help me grow this site into a community of dedicated readers and writers.

For the author-wannabe:
Please take a look at my ideas and aims in my previous post for what this blog is about. Comments are of course welcomed.
Only serious authors please, those who are interested in magic/tricks and are motivated to see this site grow in depth and width.
If your aim is to make a quick buck, this is not for you.

For the contributor/reader:
Do you know of a trick or two that you would like to share? It could be a simple one yet would amuse people. You could write it up or video it and send it in to me.
I would also appreciate it if you could share with me a website, source, article, opinion, etc. that you think would contribute to this blog.

I am always open to suggestions and ideas. So do drop me a line via comments (moderated) and do tell me about yourself and how you would like to contribute. Thank you!

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