Saturday, February 10, 2007

5 cool magic tricks revealed

Here are 5 really cool magic tricks revealed with tutorial. Some are pretty easy, some need lots of practice. If you don't want to know the secrets, stop now!

1. Explains a snap card trick. Not too difficult to learn.

Amazing Card Trick - Snap Card - video powered by Metacafe

2. A card trick taught be a kid called the Revolver that makes a card in the deck turns over.

Amazing Card Trick Revealed - video powered by Metacafe

3. Poke a pen through a dollar trick. Probably one of the oldest tricks but if you still don't know, take a look. You need a special pen though.

Pen Through Dollar Revealed! - video powered by Metacafe

4. The title of this clip isn't right, I think. Its a trick to show the cup vanishes, not the coin. Simple and easy to do.

Revealed, Vanishing A Coin Under A Cup - video powered by Metacafe

5. This is interesting. Shows you how a shoelace is tied by itself.

How To: Self Tying Shoelace Revealed! - video powered by Metacafe

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